Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and Surgery(BAMS) Provides basic education within the integrated system of modern medicine and ancient ayurveda. It prepares students of profound scholarship within the science of ayurveda having basic and elementary information in several subjects of ayurveda insured by extensive practical training. Overall course period is of:

5 years 6 months, Which is 4 years 6 months academic years + 1-year internship.

1st Professional BAMS 12 months 2nd Professional BAMS 12 months 3rd Professional BAMS 12 months 4th Professional BAMS 12 months
Padartha Vigyan evamAyurveda Itihas Dravyaguna Vigyan(Pharmacology & Materia Medical) AgdaaTantra vyavahar ayurveda evam vidhi vaidyaka(Toxicology and medical Jurisprudence) Shalya Tantra(General Surgery)
Sanskrit Rasashastra- Bhaishajya Kalpana(Pharmaceutical Sciences) Charak Samhita-Uttarardha Shalakya Tantra(Diseases of Head & neck Including Ophthalmology, ENT and Dentistry)
Kriya Sharir(Physiology) Rog Nidhan Vikriti Vigyan(Pathology & Microbiology) Swastha Vritta & Yoga(Preventive & Social Medicine & Yoga) Kayachikitsa(Internal Medicine-including manas roga,rasayan & Vajikarana)
Rachana Sharir(Anatomy) Charak – Purvadha Prasuthi & Striroga(Gynecology & Obstetrics) Panchakarma
Maulik Siddhantha evamAshtanga Hridaya(Sutra Sthan)   Bal Roga(Paediatrics) Research Methodology & Medical Statistics
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